The Mop Perfect For Quick Cleanups

Having a pet caring facility, veterinary clinic, kennel or just having a pet in general comes with the high possibility that messes are to occur. Whether it is pet accidents, messes, spills, etc. there is always a need for a quick cleanup solution. With our quick cleanup mop you can get rid of any accidents as soon as they happen. This nifty tool is perfect as it is a lightweight mop that does not require the sloshing around of the water bucket. This tool use Microfiber pads to do the cleaning for you, which will eliminate chemical and water usage. The mop’s flip pad technology makes the mop usable for any surface (gray side for wet mopping and blue side for fast absorption and drying action). Making this mop the one stop solution to all your mopping needs.


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Keeping Your Home Odor Free

We love our pets and want to make them feel comfortable by letting them roam the house. However,  the only problem with doing that is over time the house becomes smelly with pet odor. To keep the odor at bay, Alpha Tech Pet suggests you use OdorPet as your quick fix solution. It can be used on any surface and comes in a variety of  fragrances to have your home and furniture smelling delightful. The spray is also 100% organic so you do not have to worry about the safety of your pets while using this product. In addition to using our great odor product, we have a couple of other solutions to help you out in your quest to solve any pet odor problems you may have.

Cleaning Routine

Get into the habit of cleaning regularly  if you want your home to not have any pet odor at all. You don’t have to go over the top by cleaning every day, but if you can try to get cleaning once a week or once every two weeks. Doing a weekly cleaning of the areas your pet frequents the most will definitely help any odor problem. Make sure to wash pet bedding, and any material the pet goes on that can be put in the laundry. Make sure to sweep up any hair or fur from the areas where your pet sheds (hint: it is probably anywhere your pet walks).


Yes, grooming a pet can be tricky at times, especially when the pet is afraid to get wet or just does not like baths in general. If you can, try to bathe your pet as often as you can. This will help them smell better as well as keeping clean which can help fight off any skin problems. In addition to actually bathing your pet,  Alpha Tech Pet suggests that if you have a long haired pet, to keep their hair short. This will help lessen the amount of shedding that comes from your furry friend as well as help get rid of odors. Most odors tend to cling on to loose fur or hair, and if not cleaned right away, can start to smell.  Sweeping up any hair left behind by your pet is a great way to eliminate odor before it gets worse.

Why You Should Replace Bleach

Chlorine bleach, the classic go-to disinfectant from home to hospital, is still widely used in animal care facilities across the country. But the scientific knowledge behind disinfection, and the cost to produce more effective disinfectants, has produced more effective– indeed, more ideal– disinfectant solutions. In short: bleach is outdated. Here’s why.

Bleach Loses Its Effectiveness on Dirty Surfaces

This is problem number one with using bleach to clean and disinfect surfaces, but is widely unknown. The purpose of disinfecting a surface is to kill and remove dangerous pathogens, rendering it safe for a new patient. Often times these surfaces are dirty with body oil, hair, sweat, blood– what is generally called “organic load”. Unfortunately bleach loses its effectiveness under these conditions, as the organic compounds can neutralize bleach.

Bleach is Corrosive

The pH scale is a measurement of how acidic or basic a substance is and ranges in scale from a numerical value of 0 (acidic) to 14 (basic), with 7 being neutral. The further a pH moves away from neutral, the harsher it is, and the more likely it is to irritate, corrode, and damage humans, pets, and surfaces. Much of the effectiveness of bleach comes from its strong pH of around 12, making it strongly basic. Bleach applied to a clean surface and left unattended with damage that surface and cause irritation in any people or animals exposed to its fumes.

Bleach is Unstable

Undiluted bleach will start noticeably losing effectiveness after six months. With regular cleaning, you can probably balance your rate of purchasing versus use for this time frame. But bleach that has been diluted in water loses its effectiveness much more quickly– losing its potency in about a day. Filling spray bottles with diluted bleach and using them over time seems convenient, until you know you’ve been cleaning your facility with deactivated bleach– in short, little more than water.

These three factors add up to a long cleaning process with multiple passes in order to be effective. First, in order to clear away organic load, all surfaces should be cleaned with a surface cleaner and dried. Then, properly diluted bleach should be applied. Then the surface ought to be rinsed off and, if necessary, dried again. Without these steps, bleach will lose a great deal of its potency, certainly not reaching the “kill everything” level of effectiveness people think it has.
More advanced disinfectants, such as KennelSol, have been created to avoid these shortcomings. KennelSol does not lose its effectiveness under organic load, so you can be assured that the surface is clean. It also has a neutral pH, meaning it will not corrode your equipment or irritate the eyes and noses of the people and animals within your facility. Simply put: KennelSol is more convenient to use, and more effective at disinfecting your facility, than chlorine bleach. When you switch from bleach to KennelSol, you will know your facility is cleaner and safer than it ever has been.

S.H.I.P. & Save With Us Today

Alpha Tech is proud to provide animal shelters, veterinary clinics, humane societies, and consumers with the best pet cleaning products out on the market. We love to give back, which is why we have a savings program for shelters and humane societies; S.H.I.P.! Shelter Humane Society Incentive Program is special savings program to save huge on our products! Making sure facilities are in tip top shape is a passion of ours as we make sure each of our products gets the job done as well as being environmentally safe! With a wide variety of items to help with cleaning, sanitation, odor control and more, the choices are endless to make sure you and your pets are protected! We also sell special equipment that work best with our products for maximum cleanliness! For shelters and humane societies, we know this is extra important, which is why we offer our S.H.I.P. program to help with costs.

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LaundraPet’s New Bottle!

Alpha Tech Pet is proud to announce a new look to our product, LaundraPet. The formulation has not changed here.  Just a NEW bottle.  Same triple strength laundry detergent, that deep cleans, removes odors and fights stains.  As well as effectively removing animal odors and heavy soils from washable garments! Very economical at up to 96 washes per 64oz bottle.   New bottles should start shipping by the end of July.


LaundraPet new bottle

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New Fragrance!

Alpha Tech Pet is proud to announce that we have created a new fragrance to add to our line of OdorPet products! This new product is a lavender fragrance.  With this new fragrance added to the mix, you can have your kennel, veterinary clinic and house smelling amazing! Same great cleaning and odor eliminating properties, with new lavender scent.  ONLY available in 16oz RTU spray bottle at this time.  Can be ordered now.

1 spray bottle of odor pet

2 spray bottles of odorpet

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New Product! Petsuds!

We have been working diligently here at Alpha Tech Pet to provide everyone with great, environmentally safe, products for our pets! One of the new products we are rolling out is Petsuds! This product is a pet shampoo that will leave your pet looking and smelling fresh! It is a Probiotics, shampoo that is hypoallergenic and comes in a Lavender fragrance. ( Lavender is known to be very calming to animals)  The probiotics will deep clean and condition your pets coat while promoting digestive health. This will keep your pets clean on the outsides and healthy on the inside!

pet suds bottle

Coming soon! Sometime in the beginning of August 2016. Contact us today for more information!

How To Kill Canine ParvoVirus?

Summer and warm weather are finally here and with the warm weather brings the return of the Parvovirus! To control and prevent this virus from effecting your pups, you need to be proactive and use products that will give you the best outcome for your pups. We have a wide range of products that can help protect against the Parovirus.

When using our products to kill this potentially deadly virus, follow the protocol below:

  • Remove all animals, bedding, toys and feeding bowls from the room you’re disinfecting.
  • DO NOT pressure wash, because this can actually spread the infection
  • RINSE the surface debris away
  • Spray the product on the surface and allow the product to sit, without being touched for about ten minutes.
  • As the remaining debris becomes loose, start mixing it up.
  • Rinse the area with clean water thoroughly and keep all animals, bedding and toys out of the room until everything is dry.
  • After all visible products are removed, you may return the animals and anything else that belongs to that particular room.

Do not use bleach! Bleach, for one won’t effectively remove the virus, and it can be absorbed through the paws harming dogs and cats.

For more information about our Parvovirus Products, please give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 800-222-5537.

Dog Was Sprayed by a Skunk…Now What?

skunk removal sprayWe’ve all been through it…we have all suffered through the agonizing stench of a pet, who has been sprayed by a skunk! If you have experienced this unfortunate event, you know that your entire house now smells as if a family of skunks has moved in; what can you do to, not just mask the smell, but remove it completely?

Fortunately for you, Alpha Tech Pet has an odor removing product, called SkunkAway that will completely remove that awful odor from your home!

This easy-to- use spray application will effectively knockout and eliminate the toughest of skunk odors! The two part solution of Chlorine Dioxide will break down odor molecules, which will effectively eliminate the skunk smell, instead of just masking the smell; there are so many “copycat” products” that are only powerful enough to mask the skunk smell! Why only mask the smell, when you can completely rid your entire house, with SkunkAway?!

Here’s an added bonus: this product is not only an effective deodorizer, it is powerful enough to reduce ringworm infections, healing hot spots, and assisting with skin abrasions and infections!

Once you open this solution, it remains active and effective for about a month, when stored in a cool place, away from the sun!

For more information about our skunk removal products, please give Alpha Tech Pet a call at 800-222-5537.

New Customers Can Save Money On Our Products

new customer 15% off promotionAlpha Tech Pet has endless cleaning supplies that are environmentally and pet friendly. We specialize in our sanitation products for veterinarian clinics, kennels, doggy day care and more. Making sure that each product gets rid of bacteria and is safe for all. For the summer we are offering a discount for new customers! 15% off of an entire order. Come check out our different products and keep your facility clean this summer!